• 100% Customer Care Satisfaction

    "Thank you for another job well done in getting through these high volumes of changes. I know the crew also thanks you."—Rig Manager, for one of the world's largest offshore drilling contractors

  • Improving Traveler Compliance

    "I have worked with your competitor and all I can say is that for me, CWT is way better."—Manager (for one of the world's largest providers of floating production services)

  • Upholding Traveler Safety and Security

    "I really appreciate your willingness to work with me to avoid the disaster in Japan altogether."—Manager (for a leading offshore drilling contractor)

  • Program Optimization and Cost Management

    "Thanks for your support in providing and issuing the tickets in a timely manner. I really appreciate your professionalism and willingness to understand my needs and concerns."—Manager (for one of the world’s leading oilfield services companies)