• How Can You Reduce Travel Spend?

    The white paper: Mining for Savings in Travel & Logistics lets you explore the benefits of consolidating logistics and commercial travel

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  • CWT 2017 Energy, Resources and Marine Forecast

    Insight of key sectors and regions that will be valuable as you budget for your travel program for the year ahead.

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  • Cost Savings with CWT Energy, Resources & Marine Fares

    The impact of deeply discounted airfares on your overall travel program costs shouldn’t be underestimated. One of our client with US$2.5 million in global spend saved 30 percent using CWT Energy, Resources & Marine Fares.

  • Corporate Travel & Logistics Integration

    Door to Door journey management is now a reality with CWT ERM Logistics. This new ecosystem of having logistics service providers & commercial players in one single platform is definitely a value addition CWT Energy, Resources & Marine provides to the industry and is definitely a need of the hour as well.

  • Upholding Traveler Safety and Security

    "I really appreciate your willingness to work with me to avoid the disaster in Japan altogether."—Manager (for a leading offshore drilling contractor)