It all starts with understanding your needs and working together to get your people to the right place, wherever that might be. We love what we do at CWT Energy, Resources & Marine and do everything with passion. Our main goal is to make things as easy as possible for you and your people.



Specialized travel for your unique requirements

We provide services and solutions in over 150 countries. These are tailored to meet your specific and, no doubt, ever-changing needs.

Tailored service configuration

Global, regional, local account management

Book on-site & company-owned accommodation 

Flexible payment options

Diverse transportation, ground, air and charters


Delivering results

Working together, we can improve your travel program. This means enhancing the traveler experience and finding cost savings, particularly through our discounted fares.

There’s a reason we have client satisfaction and retention rates of over 95 percent.


Experts you can rely on

With 30 years of experience, our team manages over 700 worker rotations globally each day.

We’re available 24/7, every day of the year. Find us in specialist offices all over the world.



Get in touch today to find out how we can help you. 




Program management

CWT Energy, Resources & Marine works with you to design a travel program and policies that deliver the results you want.

We’ll improve visibility of your current spend and performance. How? By capturing travel data and consolidating reports from across your organization. This will help you identify opportunities, optimize your program and strengthen your position when it comes to supplier negotiations.

Our program management team uses a comprehensive range of technologies, tools and analysis techniques to put your strategy in place. As a result, you’ll be able to review your KPIs and adjust your program to ensure it meets your changing needs.

If you need more specialized consulting, CWT Solutions Group can offer you even more smart analysis and action plans.



CWT ERM24 is a nonstop service center that quickly assists you and your travelers. It provides multinational crew rotation support, risk mitigation and contingency planning as well as emergency alerts, traveler tracking and evacuation and repatriation.

We’re always available - all day, every day throughout the year.


ERM fares

We’re one of the biggest energy, resources and marine travel companies in the world. Being part of Carlson Wagonlit Travel strengthens our relationships with suppliers, particularly airlines and hotels.

Our ERM Fares program offers significant savings. On a single project, one of our clients saved $1M on 500 tickets.  

Case study - ERM fares


Safety and security

We support our clients’ duty of care with a focus on travelers' safety & security. Our key priority ensuring travelers have the support they need if the unexpected happens. Find out about the service we offer

Case study - Safety & security


Traveler services

Have a look at our Traveler Services to see how CWT Energy, Resources & Marine helps your traveling workforce.


A truly responsible business

Doing the right thing is extremely important to us. A major part of CWT’s ethos is being a Responsible Business—it runs through everything we do, every day.

See what Responsible Business actually means at CWT.