Bringing people together
can be a lot of effort


We make it easy.

Traveling the world for companies in the Energy, Resources and Marine sector remains an integral part of business growth and success. Here at United, we’re focused on making those journeys even more comfortable for business travelers. In the past two years, we’ve introduced more than 100 new domestic routes, and 22 new global routes that connect travelers worldwide to the moments that matter most. Together with our Star Alliance partners, we can connect the ERM workforce seamlessly to virtually anywhere in the world.

When your company has offices around the world, we know how important, and challenging, it can be to get the team together in person. To make meeting planning easier and more rewarding, our United Meetings product is expanding to include travel with corporate discounts1. Whether planning a team get together, a conference or a training class for 10 or more employees, United Meetings handles the work of getting your attendees to your event with discounts off published ticket prices. It all adds up to better value and traveler rewards for your organization. Here is how it works:

Choose discount

  • Flexible discounts off published ticket prices 
  • Competitive discounts available for all points of sale (excluding Japan) 
  • Corporate customers may use either their Corporate1 or Meetings discount for travel, whichever one is most beneficial Earn rewards 
  • Earn United amenity funds for passengers flown 
  • Accrue funds over multiple meetings
  • Rewards may be used for travel certificates, United Club membership and passes, beverage coupons, and more.


Rest easy

Travel earns credit toward your corporate travel contract compliance. Our mission is to connect people and unite the world. Expanding our network and meetings product make it easier than ever to keep your company connected.

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1Excludes PerksPlus