The energy, resources and marine industries are complex. Making sure the right people are in the right place and the right time is also highly complex. Our job is to make it easy for you and your people.

Simply tell us where you want people to be and when. We’ll look after the rest. We work with specialists software, combining our joint global expertise to provide a single booking point to get people to even the most remote places in the world.


Simplifying the complex

When clicking on the image you will see a dynamic example of a travel booking process with a logistics solution and one where the logistics team and travel management company aren’t joined up. When you consider scheduled airline flights, taxis, helicopters, boats, minibuses, hotels and company-owned accommodation there’s a lot to coordinate. It's time consuming and the need to engage lots of people adds to the complexity.


Find out how the solution can be optimized by looking at our dynamic infographic of CWT Energy, Resources & Marine and a logistics software working together.

Benefits include:  

Increased business efficiency

Information is processed from a single software system, not multiple systems.

Cost optimization

Reduced complexity leads to fewer errors and increased efficiency during the booking process, thereby saving time and money.

Improved traveler experience

Individual components of a traveler's trip are consolidated onto one itinerary. What's more, it's available to travelers in many different ways. They can even have paper copies, though most people want it all electronically of course.

More traveler care

Close to half of all itineraries change at least once. Our job is to manage that efficiently, as well as keep a track of travelers as things change. Because we provide one-stop booking for everything, we make the entire process simple and clear.  

Find out in the following example how the cooperation between CWT Energy Resources & Marine and IBS can help you optimize your operations.






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Synced up on the journey

We also make it easy for travelers. They can get the entire itinerary on their phone or tablet on the myCWT™ mobile app.


It provides all the details of every journey at every step of the way. Through the app, travelers also receive real-time updates and alerts when booking details change. What could be easier?


Traveling to remote parts of the world is stressful enough. We remove any uncertainty and make the whole thing as simple as possible.


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